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Membership of The Commonwealth Business Club has grown exponentially over the last 18 months with members now in 78 countries worldwide. Our membership has grown way beyond the 54 countries of the Commonwealth and to assist us in this rapid growth we are now looking to recruit an ambitious Business Ambassador to represent us in each country.

The position of Business Ambassador offers a superb career opportunity to a business minded individual who enjoys the buzz of business networking, meeting business people and engaging in business events. We offer a long term position with a great commission based remuneration package. Could you be that person?

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The Business Ambassador will be appointed as The Commonwealth Business Club’s official representative within a country/region. They will be promoted globally as an important figurehead to the business community. Post Covid-19 they will represent The Commonwealth Business Club at business & networking events. They will assist in promoting membership of The Commonwealth Business Club within their country/region and they will be financially rewarded accordingly.


Once appointed The Business Ambassador will receive a letter of confirmations. A certificate as Business Ambassador and a profile on our website promoting them as such. We will also distribute a press release to their local business news media advertising their appointment.


It is our belief that our Business Ambassador should be rewarded for their efforts. We see the association as a partnership. To that end we will pay a 25% commission of the annual membership fees to our Business Ambassador for every Business Member that joins within their specific country/region. The Nusiness Membership fee is £50 and the Business Ambassador commission is currently £12.50 (GBP) per paid Business Member.

Furthermore, each year that the member renews their membership we will continue to pay the appointed Business Ambassador the 25% commission. In addition, we will assign all Business members for the specific country/region to the account of the Business Ambassador, whether they introduce the member or not.  

Post Covid-19 we will restart our events calendar and the Business Ambassador will also enjoy a 50/50 share of the profits on all The Commonwealth Business Club events hosted in their country/region.


The Commonwealth Business Club has a clearly defined marketing strategy to promote memberships globally and to support Business Ambassadors locally.  This campaign is managed directly from our UK Head Office.

It will involve a social media campaign that will initially target over 4,000,000 small business owners around the world. That campaign will be disseminated across Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube.

We will provide the Business Ambassador with supporting marketing materials to assist them in the promotion of The Commonwealth Business Club locally.

Each and every week throughout the year we will be aggressively promoting The Commonwealth Business Club globally across social media worldwide. This will act as back up to the Business Ambassador’s own efforts.

We will keep the Business Ambassador updated on all memberships on a weekly basis so that they are fully aware of the progress within their region. Our aim is to make a success of their efforts. We will do everything we can to make that happen.

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That is an outline of the Business Ambassador position. It will not take up a great deal of your time but as membership grows so will the rewards both financially and with regards to your business reputation.

If you would like to discuss the position in more detail please send an email of confirmation directly to the Commonwealth Business Club Managing Director
Mr Michael Sloyan:

He will then arrange a video meeting via Zoom/Whatsapp or Skype, whichever medium suits you.

We wish you every success
and we look forward to
welcoming you to the team