Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide small and start up businesses with the essential tools they need to sustainably thrive and grow in a post Brexit, post Covid 19 business environment.

The British Business Club's aim is to provide an effective and affordable business development solution to new start ups, aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses that gives them a helping hand in developing and growing their business networks, their marketing strategies and very importantly, their profitability.

We deliver the
4 most important factors that small businesses urgently need:

Business Networking Opportunities

Vital Business Information & Advice

Access To Finance & Funding

Business Development Support

Business networking in a hugely important element of modern business life.
The British Business Club provides its members with opportunities to network with fellow members from within the UK and internationally:

Invitations to "Face To Face" networking Events

Invitations To Conferences & Exhibitions

Video Networking Events via Zoom/Teams Etc...

We fully recognise that in a Post Covid-19 business environment there is, and will continue to be a vast growth in "Online Businesses" and we look to support that growth by providing our members with the contacts and networks that will help their businesses grow.

We also regognise that in a Post Brexit business environment, it is vital that new entrepreneurs have the opportunity to discover new markets all over the world. We welcome members from within the United Kingdom who are looking to build overseas connections, and we also welcome entrepreneurs from around the world who would like to develop business opportunities with British businesses.

Finally, we recognise that for small businesses it is critical to keep running costs to a minimum. By working closely with a select group of business partners we can deliver a business membership package that is viable, effective and affordable to all.

Membership from just £19.95* per annum
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