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The British Business Club provides a powerful and affordable 21st century solution to new and start-up businesses looking to grow their client base and business connections locally, nationally & internationally. We strive to deliver the highest possible service to our members at a fraction of the cost of traditional business membership organisations.

The primary aim of The British Business Club is to facilitate and promote dynamic business development and growth by way of  online and face to face business networking events, shared business information and advice, and by delivering business conferences and seminars.

 British Business Club Networking

The British Business Club welcomes business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the United Kingdom and from across the world to join us so that they can connect and build long term and sustainable and business partnerships by promoting their products and services to fellow entrepreneurs for the benefit of all concerned.

British Business Club Trade

As a member of The British Business Club you will find buyers. You will find suppliers.  You will find manufacturers, importers, exporters and wholesalers, all with new and exciting products, and all looking for new markets. As a member of The British Business Club you will be able to source brand new products from all over the world. A whole new and exciting world of business awaits you.

The British Business Club membership is spread wide across the UK and is also growing rapidly in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and the Americas. This global outreach provides each of our members with a truly international business network on which to build partnerships and discover exciting new business opportunities.

The British Business Club is the perfect place to discover and build  global markets. With importers, wholesalers and trade agents worldwide  there is enormous scope to build your export business. Our membership is growing swiftly every week around the world and we look forward to welcoming you as a member.

British Business Club Information

The British Business Club works to support new and startup businesses by providing them with vital FREE tools to ensure they can build a profitable and sustainable business from the outset:

  • FREE Business Plan Template

  • FREE Profit & Loss Forecast Template

  • FREE Cashflow Forecast Template

  • FREE Dictionary Of Import Export Terminology


By collectively sharing  vital information on business opportunities the members of The British Business Club are developing and establishing joint venture projects around the world. There are investment opportunities to be found in land, property, tourism, and product development. New opportunities arise every week.

The British Business Club delivers a regular E-Newsletter exclusively to the desks of our business members. This E-Newsletter is packed with the details of new members and business contacts from around the world and exciting new trade leads from fellow members worldwide. There are also invitations to a series of business networking events, conferences and exhibitions.

The British Business Club invites members to a series of conferences and trade missions that bring together small to medium sized businesses from throughout the world to enable them to promote their products and services and forge exciting new trade opportunities.

British Business Club Events

Membership from just £19.95* per annum
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